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10 Indian Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy


10 Indian Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy for staying safe

Pregnancy requires a nutritious diet, so you must also know what you should not consume. There are many things that can be harmful to use in pregnancy. Always be ware about those things or those foods. Now you no longer need to be disturbed we will tell you what you should avoid.

1-Avoid spicy goods during Pregnancy

Indian pregnant women should not eat spicy food at all. This is very much likely to cause acid reflux and chest irritation during pregnancy. Moreover this type of diet will only increase the problem.

Eating spicy can also cause morning sickness. Always eat spices in small quantities and whenever you eat spicy substances, make sure to take a glass of milk or a teaspoon of honey to eliminate the problem of chest irritation.

2-Avoid Indian street food during pregnancy

Indian pregnancy women should avoid street food as far as possible during pregnancy. Not only are they harmful to health, but it can also lead to food poisoning and other digestive problems. Wear your chef’s hat and try to make these substances at home. Never compromise on quality and hygiene.

3-Avoid sweets products during pregnancy

During pregnancy you may have a strong desire to eat ice cream and chocolate many times. But they have a very high amount of sugar that can increase the amount of sugar in your bloodstream. This can be be harmful to the fetus. Always keep in mind how much sugar you are consuming in a day. Avoid consuming sugar or sugar-containing substances as possible.

4-Avoid Herbal Supplements and Herbal Tea during pregnancy

Many people may suggest that you should start taking herbal tonics and tea when you are pregnant. But it can harm you more than the benefits. Taking certain herbs in large quantities may also increase the risk of premature delivery or miscarriage. It is also possible that the herbs you buy are unsafe or fake. These is no way you can check their quality.

5-Avoid Unhealthy Extracted Juices during pregnancy

You can argue that drinking fresh fruit juice during pregnancy is always a good choice. But raw fruits and vegetables can be contaminated with dangerous bacteria or viruses. Always complete your fresh juice drinking at home so that freshness and cleanliness can be taken care of. When buying readymade juice, choose the juice that has been pasteurized and refrigerated. Your immune capacity decreases during pregnancy and you are hyper-sensitive to bacteria that may be present in pasteurized juices.

6-Avoid Restaurant foods during pregnancy

For Indian pregnant women, it is advisable to take extra precautions when ordering food for pregnant women in restaurants. So it is better not to eat salads purchased in restaurants or from shops. The fruits and vegetables used in salads may not have been washed properly.

7-Avoid Raw sprouts and nuts that cause allergies during pregnancy

You can enjoy a variety of nuts during pregnancy, such as peanuts and cashew nuts. Nuts are rich in vitamins and minerals, which help in the development of the fetus. But there are some nuts that can cause allergies and rash on your body. It’s possible that initially you are not allergic to them, but by using them continuously over time, you start to get allergic reactions to them. Make sure you consult your doctor regarding what nuts your diet may include during pregnancy and which nuts should be completely avoided.

8-Avoid Unwashed vegetables and fruits during pregnancy

There is no doubt that fruits and vegetables during pregnancy are very healthy for you and your child. But you may be surprised to hear that about 71% of people around the world consume unwashed fruits and vegetables. This can be harmful pesticides and pesticides on the peel of unwashed fruits and vegetables, but they can also contain dangerous germs such as toxoplasma gondii and listeria. Unwashed raw vegetables such as sprouts, lettuce, and cabbage should be especially avoided during this time.

9-Avoid Raw or soft boiled eggs during pregnancy

When eggs are well cooked, it becomes difficult to stop yourself from eating them. Many people prefer to eat soft boiled or undercooked eggs. However, it should not be eaten during pregnancy. As these can be contaminated with salmonella, a bacterium that causes diarrhea and vomiting. You should also avoid foods and desserts that are made from raw eggs such as custard and moose.

10- Avoid Alcohol during pregnancy

Alcohol is another thing that cannot stop the umbilical cord and through it, this substance can reach your child. This may lead to miscarriage and the birth of a child. Moreover it can lead to many physical and intellectual disabilities that your child has lifelong through a disease called the Pable Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FUSD). No safe time or any safe amount of drinking alcohol is reported during your pregnancy. The best is that you stop drinking alcohol completely during pregnancy.

All the above given Indian foods should be avoid during pregnancy.



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