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What is the Right age for Pregnancy, How to get pregnant at the Right Age


What is the Right age for Pregnancy, How to get pregnant at the Right Age

What is the Right age for Pregnancy, How to get pregnant at the right Age

With age, the fertility of women is also low, which may make it difficult to kashansaiv them. Becoming a mother at an older age can cause risk factors and complications associated with pregnancy.

What is right age for Pregnancy experts’ opinions

Experts say that conceive is most accurate in the early years of the 20-year-old and the age of 30. The benefits of becoming mothers at the right age are available to both mother and child. A study says that the first child is the most accurate age of thirty and a half years. This is the right age of Pregnancy. To become a mother, there are many other things that are necessary than age, such as being mentally and financially ready for a child. This time is different for every woman.

Effects of age on fertility for Pregnancy

Throughout life, women’s bodies become about 20 lakh eg and the number of age-becoming is reduced. At the age of 37, only twenty-five thousand are left, while at the age of 51, 1,000 eggs are avoided. The quality of these eg is also low over time.

Fertility Reducing Factors for Pregnancy

The development of conditions like endometriosis and tubal disease can also cause negative effects on fertility. Their risk is also increasing when they grow older. Due to these factors, fertility power starts to decrease by the age of 32. Fertility falls more rapidly at the age of 3 and 37.

Factors such as cancer treatment and pelvic inflation such as smoking, radiation and chemotherapy can also affect the likelihood of your pregnancy.

Effects of not getting pregnancy at Right Age

Some women are physically ready to become mothers but are not economically and emotionally prepared. They have to wait to become mothers. However, in this situation, women should keep in mind that the likelihood of pregnancy after age will be very low. After the age of 51, hormones in the body decline.

Tip for Conceive to get Pregnant at right age

It is very important to have a balanced weight to become a mother. Your body mass index should be between 19 and 24 to be a pregnancy. The effect of overweight or underweight may be on the ovulation. If you want to be a mother, you have to stop smoking. This may lead to the supply of the AG and may be a miscarriage when it is a pregnancy.

Take care of the diet and stay away from caffeine and alcohol as they cause difficulties in pregnancy and may also cause obstacles in the development of the fetus.



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