Pregnancy Yoga | Pregnancy Yoga Poses for Normal Delivery

Pregnancy Yoga | Pregnancy Yoga Poses for Normal Delivery

Yoga in Pregnancy during pregnancy, yoga, also known as prenatal yoga or prenatal yoga, keeps the pregnant woman’s mind calm. Before delivery, yoga experts and doctors have been repeatedly emphasizing that the problems of ordinary exercises like walking and yoga were pregnancy can be overcome. Pranayama Yoga should be included in the routine in all the three quarters as it gives freedom from negative mental disorders like anger and stress. Here we are telling you some simple postures of yoga that you can do even during pregnancy.

Yoga Posed for Normal Delivery during Pregnancy;-

As said earlier Yoga can be beneficial during pregnancy. Below is a list of the Yoga which can be performed during pregnancy for normal delivery. All the Yoga Asanas needs to be discussed wit the Docter.

Parvatasana Yoga for Pregnant Women

Parvatasana Yoga for Pregnant Women. Doing this posture relieves back pain and does not increase the weight even after delivery. To do this posture, first sit comfortably in Sukhasan. Keep the back straight and drag the breath inside and add both hands to the currency of hello. Stay at this stage for some time and become normal in a short while. Do not do this posture more than 2-3 times.

Titli Asana Yoga for Pregnant Women

Titli Asana Yoga for Pregnant Women. This posture can be from the third month of pregnancy.
they are. This brings flexibility in the body and reduces the discomfort during delivery. To do this posture, bend both the legs to the front and mix your feet. Make both feet a currency of hello. Cross the fingers of both hands and hold the toes of the foot and hold your feet upwards downwards. If you feel pain in the lower part of this posture, do not do it at all.

Ushtrasan Yoga for Pregnant Women

Ushtrasan Yoga for Pregnant Women. Doing this posture heals the effect of blood and also strengthens the spinal cord. This increases the energy level. For this, put the cloth on the ground and stand on the knees and gently tilt the body back by dragging the breath inside. Now try to catch both the additives with hands. Keep the neck and both hands straight while doing this. Do this posture from 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Vakrasan Yoga for Pregnant Women

Vakrasan Yoga for Pregnant Women. Doing this posture gives a light massage to the spine, feet, neck. Sit straight and spread your legs in front. Raise your arms up to the shoulder while breathing. Keep the palm downwards. Now, while breathing, bend your body slightly from the waist and bend your head and hands in the same direction. Do not let your knees bend. Now come back to the regional position while breathing and place your hands on the level of your shoulders from each other to the parallel position. Repeat the same process from the other side.

Utkatasan Yoga for Pregnant Women

Utkatasan Yoga for Pregnant Women. First of all, stand upright. Then try to bend your knees in a way to sit on the chair slowly. While doing this currency, you can take your two hands straight in the currency of the namkar and move upwards. By doing this posture, the blood secretion in the body starts to occur smoothly and strengthens the spinal cord so that back pain or groin pain can be avoided at the time of pregnancy.

Konansan Yoga for Pregnant Women

Konansan Yoga for Pregnant Women. To do this posture you have to stand up with a distance of 24 inches in your legs. You can stand near a wall and do this posture. Then try to tilt your right hand directly up and tilt to the left side while breathing. Then start breathing in a normal condition. Similarly, repeat this process for the other side also. Doing this posture helps relieve the difficulties in childbirth with back pain.



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