5 Things a pregnant woman needs & In pregnancy products must have list

Pregnancy essentials list : Today in this article we will be sharing the 5 Things a pregnant woman needs. These are in pregnancy products must have list. These 5 products which are a must to make your pregnancy comfortable and also with that we are going to share some budget friendly options too. And if you feel it is expensive and you don’t want to spend money on these products, we are also going to share some budget friendly options too. So read this article till the end.

1. First we want to share in pregnancy products must have list is body butter/lotion/oil to moisturize your skin.

All through your pregnancy the texture of your skin keeps changing. As a result you might face issues like dryness,itching and rashes. As your tummy starts growing, your skin will keep on stretching and it can cause severe itching and in such situations scratching can lead to scarring. So it is very much important to use  body butter/lotion/oil to moisturize your skin on a regular basis. It also helps in preventing stretch marks; and it should be used at least from the beginning of your 2nd trimester for best results.

You can use sesame oil, extra virgin coconut oil or sweet almond oil to massage your body.

These oils keep your skin moisturized for a long time. Normally during pregnancy, stomach area, hips, breasts and thighs are more prone to stretchmarks. So always apply these oils or lotion regularly twice on the stretchmarks prone areas and massage until it seeps in your skin.I couldn’t tolerate the smell of these oils due to nausea during my pregnancy and so I started using Palmer’s cocoa butter formula massage lotion which was  very beneficial for my skin. It contains cocoa butter argan oil, shea butter, collagen, elastin, vitamin E  which easily moisturizes the skin, it softens the dry patches in your skin if any and also reduces acne. Cocoa butter has a very chocolaty aroma which I personally used to like and so I  used to apply it twice or thrice in the day after bath.

2. Second Is good undergarments is quite essential things a pregnant woman needs.

Even if you aren’t pregnant wearing  good undergarments always makes you feel good and comfortable. It becomes more necessary to wear well fitting undergarments while you are pregnant. Since your body keeps on changing and becomes heavy  your regular undergarments might feel tight and ill-fitting. Padded and underwired bras became a nightmare for me. Not using them was not an option as well because your breast starts getting heavy and it hurts if its unsupported.

So as your body changes its always better to use comfortable and proper fitting bras which can gives good support. I used Spacer bras which are a bit thicker than the normal bras & are not padded; so they were super comfortable to wear. If you are worried about nipples showing through your outfit then you can use such removable pads when stepping out of the house.

Sometimes you might feel tightness just in your under bust area. I had this issue in the middle of my second trimester and it caused issues like severe acidity, reflux and heartburn. If you are also facing these same issues then you can use such Bra Extenders; which helps in increasing the length of the under bust area of your bra and you might feel more comfortable.

And if you don’t want to buy new extenders then you can use the hook-eyelet strap of any old bras and stitch it to the new one. Likewise your normal panties can become tight, uncomfortable and also you might also feel discomfort around your belly. So I suggest you use either high or low waisted thin elastic panties. I personally found high waisted ones more comfortable. Apart from this you can use boy shorts which  are very much comfortable too.

3. Pregnancy products must have list include pregnancy pillow. And its in pregnancy essentials list of today’s mom.

Around the start of your second trimester your body weight starts increasing. There is an uprise in pressure on your hip and legs. There is always of a chance of you getting back aches. Turning sides while you are sleeping becomes difficult. It is very important to sleep in a good position for relief from these kind of pains in your pregnancy period. You might also not feel comfortable sleeping in your regular mattresses. Thus Things a pregnant woman needs a most is a pillow for comfortable sleep.

So investing in a pregnancy pillow is very much recommended. Pregnancy pillow is a full body pillow and supports your whole body in different sleeping positions. It supports and aligns your hips back and tummy. So when you are lying down on this pillow it reduces the stress on these parts and you get a comfortable sleep. It is always recommended to sleep sideways while you’re pregnant. That is to your left hand side for good blood circulation. And this pillow is comfortable for a sideways sleeping position. Pregnancy pillow is mine one of the favorite products because from the day I started using this pillow my sleep related issues resolved and discomforts that I had, like I had pain in my knees, one side of my body getting numb, or pain in my hands everything reduced and I used to have a very peaceful sleep.

You can use this pillow even after delivery. You just need to fold it halfway  and use it as a feeding pillow to feed your baby. So you can comfortably use this even after your delivery. If you don’t want to invest in this pillow then you can use your normal pillows while sleeping. You can put one below your head under your stomach,one in between your legs and one supporting your back.

4. Comfortable footwear is really important things a pregnant woman needs.

Pregnancy essentials list also have Comfortable footwear. As your belly grows, your body’s center of gravity shifts as well. This puts pressure on your leg, ankles and back. This is especially true for people like me whose lower body is thinner than their upper body. That’s why wearing comfortable footwear is really important.

I used to get a lot of pain in my ankles, feet and knees after walking even for a small distance. For relief from this, my doctor suggested sports shoes. Sport shoes have better ankle and arch support and I found relief. If you are opting for sport shoes, just keep in mind to buy slip on ones since bending down and tying lace during pregnancy can be difficult. Also shop for footwear during  evening since even normally your leg swells by evening, so this way you can find the right size.

Good quality branded sports shoes are expensive. So if you don’t want to splurge then you can opt for Ortho slippers for home and Ortho sandals for outside and its range starts from around Rs 200.

5. Things a pregnant woman needs and in pregnancy products must have item list is Gel Pad / electric heating pad.

It is very common to have back ache ,leg pain or muscle pain while you are pregnant.

You can use hot and cold compress to get relief from such pains. You can use such a small water bag which you can use for both hot and cold compresses. Apart from this you can use a hot water bag, electric heating pad or else water bottles for hot compress. For cold compress you can use gel packs which are easily available in your medical shops or  else you can use frozen vegetable pouches.

So these were pregnancy essentials items list / pregnancy essentials list which I found  the most effective and beneficial throughout pregnancy and apart from these if you have used some other products which you found useful then do let us know what they were in the comments section.

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As your belly grows during pregnancy so does your discomfort; it’s like you can feel every pull and twinge from the weight of your heavy belly and it can be a struggle to get things done without a little extra support, this is where a belly band can come to your rescue and eases some of that burden the right band will give you support coverage and a slightly smoother shape for your clothing to fit that little bit better.

Pregnancy isn’t always going to be easy; it can get tiring difficult and exhausting but don’t let it stop you from doing what you want to do.

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1.  Neotech care maternity belt

While selecting or choosing the size, keep in mind to measure from around your lower back to under your belly and choose right size of belt, fully adjustable to accommodate abdominal growth throughout pregnancy.

New reinforced hooks and loops fabric fasteners, breathable fabric constructed of a multi-layered laminate with an elastic lining; this product is designed for walking or standing position; when sitting we recommend to detach the hooks and loops fabric.

2.  Nu Momz Belly Band for Pregnancy

Support new mom’s belly band provides support that helps reduce edema ( a condition that causes swelling in the legs hands back and hips along with the accompanying pain ) this belt design supports ongoing pregnancy weight gain as well as reduces spinal pressure, reduces bladder pressure and allows new moms to maintain daily activities at home work or the gym. This is indeed a Best Maternity Support Belt For getting rid of Back Pain.

This band is easy to wear as it fits under most outfits; you can continue to enjoy smooth and stable support while maintaining a fashionable appearance; this belly band aids in prevention of stretch marks while holding the tummy from sagging.

3.  Flexguard Belly Band For Pregnancy

Flex guard maternity belt gives great support and offers relief from hip pelvic and back pain during your entire pregnancy; fully adjustable to accommodate abdominal growth throughout pregnancy the fit of our maternity belly band can adjust with ease supports, the excess pregnancy weight to prevent straining your back and ideal for correcting poor posture and supporting weak abdominal muscles during pregnancy.

Our belly brace gives support for expecting mothers, who seek relief from common pregnancy aches and pains. Expecting moms should go for the Best Maternity Support Belt For Back Pain

4. KeaBabies Maternity Belly Band for Pregnancy

Band for pregnancy before baby arrives provide yourself with the physical support you need with KeaBabies Maternity Belly Band for Pregnancy; for pregnancy this belt provides 360 degrees of ergonomic support by evening out your weight distribution helping improve posture and ease pregnancy related pain in the following areas lower back round ligament and pelvic floor with extra support all around.

The maternity support belt allows expecting mothers to maintain an active lifestyle continue your daily exercises or workout routines with doctors approval; we all know that pregnancy can be uncomfortable and that’s why KeaBabies created an ultra soft breathable high quality mesh belt; it’s easy to use with one adjustable velcro section and won’t add additional bulk .

The belt can even be used postpartum for pelvic joint recover with two different sizes to choose from the belt fits most expecting mothers and makes the Best Maternity Support Belt For Back Pain as a perfect pregnancy gift.

Maternity support belts is effective in helping and supporting in reducing the pregnancy related problems or pains associated with  back, stomach, pelvic, abdominal and hips.

To summarise, Best Maternity Support Belt For Back Pain

What are the points you should check before buiyng the best Belly Bands & Maternity Belts.

1. Type of Belly Bands & Maternity Belts

2. Material used in Belly Bands & Maternity Belts

3. Size of  Belly Bands & Maternity Belts & how comfortablly its  Fit you.

4. Price

You can use the Belly Bands & Maternity Belts even after delivery.

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